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About Full Life Programs

Person Directed Care Coaching and Training

for Caregivers, Elders, and their Loved Ones

Full Life supports elders, caregivers, family members and service organizations in the shift to engagement, purpose and choice in elder care. We affirm the abilities, wisdom, and new possibilities of those no longer able to be independent. We share special education's tools for adapting environments and simplify lives with individualized supports.

With Person Directed Care coaching we lead individuals, families, and organizations down the path of planning and decision making according to the desires and needs of the person with changed independence. With increasing skill in taking advantage of cues and information lifestyle transforms with increase in the ease and comfort of the whole care partner team.

We explore and support moving past the habits of "doing to and for" or following outside agendas or schedules.

We do this with Companion Care and phone or video call conversations.  This process continues and evolves as needs change and care partners grow.

This work creates ease and new possibility for



Our work is compelling for



  • Other change-makers who seek to collaborate, strengthen the opportunity, and further the shift to the new paradigm in senior care or share ideals and values with Full Life Programs

We are an Oregon nonprofit corporation with Federal 501c3 status, because people of all incomes deserve this high quality life.

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