Founder and President Anna Sontag, Ph.D

Anna Sontag formed Full Life Programs in in 2008. The process has brought much learning and many good connections. One was connecting with Al Powers at his presentation near Portland in the Spring of 2014, which ended up connecting her to the Eden Care Associates, a national organization with parallel perspectives to hers.  Anna trained with them to be an Eden At Home Care Trainer. It felt so good to be with a roomful of people who share her perspectives.

Anna's unique perspective emphasizes the ongoing development or evolution of individuals, even within dementia.  In the Full Expressions groups she was impressed with the evolving social depth and caring that showed a transcendence of typical ego-based interactions. That was her first glimpse into how people with dementia achieve the top levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: self actualization and transcendence.

This perspective continues to be reinforced as she works more closely with individuals providing Companion Care and Coaching.

Anna brings a diverse background to the program. She was raised in Denver, with parents a doctor and an RN/nursing home administrator). She earned an undergraduate degree at Stanford in English and French Literature.

Anna's work in internists' offices deepened her care and communication with elders, and later she earned a Ph.D. in Special Education. Her doctoral studies included research and work in helping people of all ages – adults with developmental disabilities, teen young women in the juvenile system, mothers who had left abusive relationships, and older adults whose lives have been impaired by illness and stroke.

Anna’s lifelong interest in literature, her experience as a student of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, her spiritual development and leadership in her church, all serve as important foundations for the development of Full Life Programs.

Anna will share her insights in her forthcoming book, the Eightfold Path with Alzheimers.

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