Full Life affirms that when the body creates new conditions, together we will find a new way to keep what matters in your life.


Our Services

Consultation with Care Organizations

       We guide you in engaging with staff, residents, and clients to achieve your goals for their well being and ongoing development. With vision, planning, and goal-based coordination, we build on your strengths and skills for you to keep sharing them with ease. Full Life can stay with you year round, can help you meet a special challenge, or assist you in safety and prevention of problems.

Group Activities

       Full Expressions, our group activity, brings groups of elders together in a safe and structured setting, with rich conversation and meaningful interaction. Participants are able to experience full self-expression and deep listening -- a rare level of listening and feeling heard.


These people sitting and enjoying each others' company reminds us of the way participants engage in our Full Expressions group

One-to-One Companion Care

      Our companion care brings engagement, deep listening, safety and support for elders whose independence has shifted. Elders are the center of attention, fully heard with time to explore ideas, feelings, memories, and solutions. This experience enhances relationships with family members and caregivers.


Consultation with Families

Anna consults to support unpaid family caregivers, either as they adapt their lifestyles and homes to continue to provide the safest space for elders living with them or as care managers juggling multiple needs and solutions for family members living in other residences. Sharing perspectives, exchanging ideas, problem solving, and even shifting ways of being serve to keep relationships and communication fluid so all parts of the living community are supported and fully self expressed. 

Where there are gaps, Full Life will offer connections with services and opportunities in the community, so you are sure to have the best of what our community offers.

Testimonials reflect the appreciation of those we serve.

We welcome you to contact us with questions and interests. Full Life Programs looks forward to meeting you!



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