Companion Care

Full Life Program’s enthusiasm for and commitment to this work has grown throughout the path from initial vision to offering services for pay.  So grateful to connect with the individuals in companion care, the work has experienced a new dimension to the interaction, first glimpsed with the initial pilot Self Expressions group and now highlighted in the one-on-one time with persons who have moved to the place in their lives where they need support.


The connection between individuals sharing together feeds all the individuals involved, and it also serves relationships with caregivers and family members.  It restores full self expression for the individual whose independence has shifted.


Our perspective on aging, dementia, memory loss, and elder-hood is that elders are poised to grow and evolve, personally, inter-personally, and spiritually. We focus on what is important to the person, what they want to express, what enlivens their sharing and self expression. When we engage with groups of elders, they engage together in a process that moves them to the utmost levels of Mazlow's hierarchy: self realization and transcendence. Memory doesn't matter:what does matter is what comes into being: the group synergy, the fullness of interpersonal generosity, the loss of ego needs and the full expression of mutual respect and dignity.


Companion Care  (also known as person directed coaching) is a stepping stone that teaches principles and practices that work well. It demonstrates that engagement, respect, and opportunity for full self expresssion change lives and increase the number and depth of positive engagements for elders. 


We enjoy the magic of companion care, and the insights it offers us fill our upcoming first book.

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