Full Expressions, Full Life Programs's group activity at the present time, gives participants a chance to engage together, with rich conversation and meaningful interaction. We adapt the content of Full Expressions to the interests of the particular group.  The over-reaching human themes apply to all groups.

The way we run the groups provides safety and structure that promotes an opportunity for full self expression and deep listening. The result of that means that participants experience a rare level of listening and feeling heard.

Full Expressions offers engagement that speaks to deeper values, engages people in meaningful ways, and puts participants’ experience and perspectives in focus. This is a unique offering, so we are a leader in this specific market. Our approach will be to emphasize this difference of level of engagement between this participant-driven expressive opportunity and “classes.”

This results in new levels of sharing and interpersonal presence that enable participants to move beyond the constraints of communication and interaction as they have known them. 

Full Life will be conducting research so we can demonstrate this.

We are interested in developing more groups, especially at Assisted Living Centers and among Senior Foster Care homes.

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