Quotations from Participants in Spiritual Discussion group and Full Life Discussion Group


 “This group gives me something to live for and experience and something to savor because it’s an awakening of part of me.”


“Life is beautiful and full of promise, goodness, kindness.  Almost overwhelming to me sometimes.”


“The greatest benefit from this group would be other people realizing we are not the same and that some of use are speaking a language that others of us do not understand.  … Here you are in a different world with a different language, and you’re trying to speak it to your neighbor who says there is no such language.”  -- and other participants explained to her that they understood how she felt."


“ I like your openness, your encouragement of participants.  It’s good having the text as a context for discussion.  The more structure, the better.“


“We are all at a time in our lives when its so important to have insight into aging, which is our time of life. … We are better able to understand ourselves.  We can only all benefit from the shared insights we gain from exchanging ideas together.” 


“Pleasant company is always appreciated and getting opportunities to exchange ideas is always good.” 


“You do a good job here – it’s really interesting!“


“I sincerely enjoy it – it’s really my cup of tea. I always get a lot of enjoyment and pleasure from these get togethers.” 

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