Watch a video where Anna explains this vision.

Our Vision

Full Life Programs envisons a world where persons of all income levels have access to communities where individuals are safe to roam, shop, wander, eat, and engage together, regardless of their physical abilities or memories.

These communities will have continuing interaction with the general community, as persons of all ages go there to learn from them, enjoy cultural activities (plays, concerts, art shows, movies, and presentations by the residents.) 

Lovely gardens will host flowers and vegetables, in view of most windows of the homes.  Pathways will give all residents access to the outdoors. Private porches will give residents quiet and solitude outside. Residents can cultivate and harvest vegetable and flowers. Healthy eating will be part of immune system support and positive interpersonal / emotional climate.

Access to medical, nutritional, transportation, recreational opportunities is built into the community.  Nurses, counselors, naturopaths, massage practitioners, athletic trainers, physical therapists, acupuncturists – as the residents request – have ongoing relationships with the community. This makes it easier, less expensive, and faster to meet needs and naturally follow through on prevention ideas and response to changes. When there is a medical need there will be no need to race to an emergency room.

Conversations about end of life choices will be out in the open, so fears about the unknown will be minimized. Information from professionals in law and medicine, and spiritual counseling will support exploration of topics like extra measures, after death processes, and goals for final days.

There will be a house or two where people receive intensive medical care, and even a hospice house, though hospice would ideally take place in the person’s usual residence.

Communities and health systems will converge to develop these communities – people from all aspects of the health, living, dying, medical, care-giving, investors all engage together to work out the details to make it sustainable, financially feasible, and accessible to all income levels.

There are many aspects of building a community for elder living. We look forward to sharing more about our vision and hearing your comments and ideas. We will add a lovely watercolor and ink image soon that we used for a title page in a competition we were a finalist in this year.

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